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The summer is a distant memory, and autumn was how we got here. It’s winter time now and that means the road. Texas and Colorado round out this year, then a holiday break, 2017 opens on the east coast, adding a new Florida festival, heading Midwest and parking in Kansas City for Folk Alliance for a week. Then some more Midwest, heavy on Iowa, and Phoenix. And spring, but more on that later. Oh, yeah, October, our first-ever Mediterranean Cruise. Fun year, no?

Winter Wanderland Tour . . .
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Dec 1 ...Austin TX Strange Brew
Dec 2 ...
Forney, TX Historic HC
Dec 4 ...Oklahoma City Guthrie Tribute
Dec 16 ...
Boulder, CO Borstein HC
Dec 17 ...Denver, CO -   Swallow HIll
Dec 18
...Denver CO Song Workshop
Jan 5
...Gambrills, MD Susie @ Woodshop
Jan 6 ...
Leesburg, VA Trimmer HC
Jan 7 ...Columbia, MD Hist Cooper HC
Jan 8 ...
Falls Church, VA Brown HC
Jan 12-14 ...Walton Beach, FL -
More shows being added all th time.
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