Home at last...

The NomadDan Tour's first leg took me through 66 days 27 states, 41 separate performances and 13,500 miles on Vanessa LeVan. Was I tired. Oh, God yes.

And worth it. To be allowed to do what I do is a blessing. That's a remarkable point of view after 31 years on the road, but it gives my life shape, purpose, connection, and a never-ending ever-changing cast of characters (some bigger characters than others) to interact with.

Over the course of the year, make that "years", I will be notating more and more of it here. As Facebook becomes a haven for nasty politics, cat videos and Zuckerberg's profit jones, I will bring this chat inside, so we can connect and talk about what matters to us.

I suppose my initial commentary will be outward. I hope you decide to help bring it inward.