From the recording Horizon Line

Dan Navarro - Acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Steve Postell - Electric guitar
Taras Prodaniuk - Electric bass
Michael Jerome - Drums
Doug Pettibone - Electric guitar
Peter Adams- Electric piano
Carlos Murguía – Hammond B3 organ
Jim Scott - Shakers, tambourines
Carlos Murguía, Leyla Hoyle - Background vocals

©2018 Jodada Music (BMI) / Cellotree Arts Music (SESAC)


(Dan Navarro – Sarah Clanton)

It’s after midnight
And the night sky keeps getting darker
It’s taking so long
To roll back ‘round to the light
But when it’s too hard to see
Hold out your hand and reach out for me
I’ll be wherever you need me to be
Come and find me

I’ll be your shelter
When those storm clouds start brewing angry
I’ll be your shoulder
When that rain starts falling from your eyes
If you’re up, if you’re down
I’m still around
I ain’t heading for the door
I ain’t leaving town
So if you want to slow your engines down
Come and find me, come and find me

Come find me and I’ll be there
And I’ll ease your mind and tell you
Everything, baby everything’s gonna be just fine


No matter what place or time
If you need a good friend or a warm place to hide
A lullaby for your troubled mind
Come and find me
Come and find me
Come and find me
Come and find me
Come and find me