1. Hopeful Hearts

From the recording Horizon Line

Dan Navarro - Acoustic guitar, solid drum, duet vocals
Joanna Wallfisch - Duet vocals
Steve Postell - Electric guitar
Mai Leisz - Electric bass
Jimmy Paxson - Drums
Doug Pettibone - Regal resonator guitar solo
Phil Parlapiano - Piano
Aubrey Richmond - Violin
Jim Scott - Sleigh bells

©20223 Jodada Music (BMI) / Sea Gardens Publishing (ASCAP)


(Dan Navarro – Joanna Wallfisch)

The river flows, its fingers gold
And from your eyes, a love grown old
I take your hand, you say goodbye
And so we go now where the river flows

We walk in time to the open road
And on my mind the dreams we sowed
In the clouds and in the stars
A thousand wishes, two hopeful hearts

Two hopeful hearts

Next to the river I lay my head
My heart, my memories, I made my bed
I held the rushes as they moved slow
Now I go where the river flows

A place to start
With hopeful hearts

The river flows, its fingers gold
The birds all bring a ray of hope
I’ll always love you, of this I know
And so we go where the river flows
So we go where the river flows
Where the river flows