1. Tar Pit

From the recording Horizon Line

Dan Navarro - Acoustic guitar, bongos, lead and group vocals
Steve Postell - Electric guitar, wah-wah solo
Taras Prodaniuk - Electric bass
Michael Jerome - Drums
Peter Adams - Electric piano
Jim Scott - Little drum, cowbell, tambourine, shaker, water phone

©2022 Jodada Music (BMI)


(Dan Navarro)

I spent a long long time walking out in the desert
Hadn’t seen another soul for a while
My heart was dry and I didn’t know better
Than to ever disbelieve my eyes
Then I saw it out in the distance
Cool blue behind a misty grey
I knew right there with God as my witness
The water could wash me away

I stepped into a tar pit, water looked real
Cool and inviting like I wanted to feel
Stepped into a tar pit, pulling me down
Swallowed me up without a sound
Stepped into a tar pit, tar pit, tar pit

Mile after mile dragging the weight of the world
Had me crawling down my knees
My mind played tricks and I couldn’t see the line
Between redemption and reality
Then I feasted my eyes on a shimmering vision
It was beauty like I’d never seen
I lost my mind to the cool apparition
The siren was calling me


And the circle will turn, turn, turn,
Situation gonna burn, burn, burn
Sooner or later got to learn, learn, learn
To find my out of there
And the circle will turn, turn, turn
Light the fire and watch it burn, burn, burn
Sooner or later got to learn learn learn
To never go back again