1. Oklahoma Skies

From the recording Horizon Line

Dan Navarro - Acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Steve Postell - Electric guitar
Taras Prodaniuk - Electric bass
Michael Jerome - Drums
Doug Pettibone - Pedal steel guitar
Peter Adams – Piano
Aubrey Richmond - Fiddle
Jim Scott - Tambourines, sand block
Brian Whelan - Harmony vocals

©2022 Jodada Music (BMI)


(Dan Navarro)

I found an angel heart
Under Oklahoma skies
Wrapped in a melody
Gentle as the night
It was the purest sound
That I had ever known
Then it was gone into a song
I’ll never know

I felt the sweetest words
A heart could ever hear
Reach deep inside of me
Before they disappeared
And as I held them close
I had to let them go
Without a trace into a place
I’ll never know

Now I’ll try to understand
Understanding comes so slow
I am a simple man
Holding steady as she goes


And as the colors turn
To signal summer’s end
I see the angel heart
Riding restless as the wind
As she returns again
So ever will she go
Into the mist, but more than this
I’ll never know
And there remains a sweet refrain
I’ll never know

I found an angel heart
Under Oklahoma Skies