Drive, he said...

I go back out tomorrow, with a four day drive to E. Lansing Michigan for the Pumpstock Roots Festival, first of 20-some shows over a five week period, through Sept 26, including opening and closing drives.

It's a couple thousand miles to E. Lansing, with three or four days to do it in. I'll try to check in from the drive, maybe channel Cash or Willie or Waylon and do a stream lip syncing "Six Days On the Road" while driving. Or "On the Road Again". "I've Been Everywhere." "Movin' On." "Traveling Prayer." Who knows?

Would have been leavingtown  B&E tomorrow (Tuesday) but I got last minute work for today, eight hours at Fox on a major motion picture, can't tell you anything about it yet, airtight NDA in effect. But it will be epic, I can tell you that much.

In the meantime, I'll do my best to check in.