For the record...

At present, I am making my new album with Jim Scott, who produced the first 3-1/2 L&N albums -- Walking on a Wire in 1990, Broken Moon in 1993, the new tracks on the Walking on a Wire re-release in 1994, and Pendulum in 1995, then he mixed the fourth album, Scratch at the Door, in 1998 and produced L&N's eighth and final studio album, Learning to Fall in 2008. 

It took a long time after Eric Lowen's retirement and passing to get into the headspace of recording a record of my own. How would it sound? How much would it owe to the L&N legacy? Would I go a new direction? How would it compare? Would it measure up? Would it be perceived as "incomplete"? And would it compete in the folk radio environment I has lived in since 2000? Especially since L&N were not exactly folk radio mainstays.

Sp I gravitated toward safe ground for my first solo album Shed My Skin, produced and recorded by Steve Postell, and released in 2018. His skill and our friendship meant that the scary parts of the process were easier, as I got familiar with what I wanted to say on record, for the first time without Eric Lowen by my side. It took a long time to complete, cuz I was freaked, money was tight, and both our schedules were insane. I toured constantly, got sick twice, got injured once, ran out of money a couple of times, and would find myself dropping the ball for months at a time. So it wound up taking longer to complete than Boston's second album (but not as long as Willis Alan Ramsey's second, which is 48 years and counting).

But the record we recorded was wonderful, and it helped me define myself as a solo artist, not as half of a former whole, and I still love listening to it. But at my age (look it up) I decided for my next record to come back home for a new old experience. So I reached back to Jim as a sort of homecoming. Steve is all over the new one, he's my bro. And I am getting to work with an amazing cast of players, some of whom are brand new to me. It's a real joy, and I can't wait to share the results with you.

I'll be talking about it more in the coming days. Maybe sharing pics or samples or "I-dunno-what". This blogging thing is new to me. Prattling on about nonsense is not. Your mileage may vary.