And the winner is...! Got a rapid test in Longmont, CO on Tuesday, and an RT-PCR test on Omaha on Wednesday, all negative.

The RT-PCR is a newer test, processed in-house not sent to a lab, that still gives a PCR (aka "more

Intelligence is...

...the ability to adjust. With the Covid Delta variant sweeping through, and the vaccinated at risk of infection and illness (though, apparently, without grave consequence), I am either the canary in a coal mine, a guinea pig or a sitting


Hasta La Vista baby...

Did 650 miles from Steamboat Springs CO to La Vista NE today, 12 hours top to toe. Going over the mountains from Steamboat to Laramie WY was bloody gorgeous, and then drove through Wyoming for the first time. Big ass

Full Steamboat Ahead...

I am in my second day of a four-day drive to E. Lansing. I left LA late Tuesday, about 12 hours later than I wanted, because my Monday prep day got consumed by a major session for a major film.


Drive, he said...

I go back out tomorrow, with a four day drive to E. Lansing Michigan for the Pumpstock Roots Festival, first of 20-some shows over a five week period, through Sept 26, including opening and closing drives.

It's a couple thousand


Back on the boards...

The last two nights, I did shows in Southern California. On Saturday, a full concert with Steve Postell on hand, and Sunday night, a three-song segment at Library Girl, a poetry-spoken word-music series run by my friend Susan Hayden.



For the record...

At present, I am making my new album with Jim Scott, who produced the first 3-1/2 L&N albums -- Walking on a Wire in 1990, Broken Moon in 1993, the new tracks on the Walking on a Wire re-release in


Home at last...

The NomadDan Tour's first leg took me through 66 days 27 states, 41 separate performances and 13,500 miles on Vanessa LeVan. Was I tired. Oh, God yes.

And worth it. To be allowed to do what I do is a